It’s a pretty big deal…

Super Bowl weekend!
No worries if you aren’t interested because we have much more exciting things to share.

Since our post last week, we’re up to 17 states with pending SUNucate legislation! We’ll be adding our efforts in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Washington from their previous legislative sessions and New Jersey has introduced a new bill as well. We’re also glad to have the Medical Society of the District of Columbia as a formal Coalition partner, too.

But the big news is the movement SUNucate has been having in state legislatures. This week alone, hearings were held in Maryland and Michigan; one is scheduled in Rhode Island next week. We’d be amiss if we didn’t thank those who took the time to testify: Lawrence Green, MD (Maryland); David Oberlin, MD (Michigan); and ASDSA member and President of the American Academy of Dermatology Association Henry Lim, MD (Michigan). Also, Carrie Davis, MD, ASDSA member and President of the Indiana Academy of Dermatology (an Ignite Grant recipient), testified in Indiana on behalf of SB 24.

Media mentions have started as well, much to our excitement!
Check out this story from WFMD Maryland:

Also, from Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan plans to support SB 24. From the article:

Hogan said the skin cancers are likely the result of “one of the best jobs he had before being governor”: six years working as a lifeguard in Florida.

“I wanted to look good with a dark tan so I never put sunscreen on,” he said. “And that’s probably the root of it. I spent a lot of time baking in the sun.”

He advised everyone to use sunscreen. “I was not smart enough to pay attention to that advice. We’re going to certainly be doing that in the future,” he said.


We wish Governor Hogan the best in his recovery and look forward to working with him to ensure kids have access to sunscreen in school.

Has your state introduced a bill? There’s still time for us to help you reach out to your legislator or plan for the 2019 session. Email for information!

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