Congressional skin cancer screenings and other big announcements

Even with the end of summer less than a month away, ASDSA has stayed busy promoting sunscreen use for students and working to prevent skin cancer.

ASDSA has started a new initiative, offering to provide free skin cancer screenings to legislators when they hold public events in their districts. Our first event was a success with Amy L. Brodsky, MD, and Cynthia Abban, MD, PhD, volunteering their time at Congressman Brad Schneider’s (D-IL) Health and Wellness Fair. Not only did they provide screenings, but with the assistance of ASDS’ Choose Skin Health program, bottles of sunscreen were also passed out to attendees. Even though the summer months are ending, ASDSA will still be offering screenings to any interested legislators. If you know of an event in your community, email

Our work to ban indoor tanning for minors also took a big step forward with the disbanding of the Indoor Tanning Association (ITA). In July, ITA’s Board of Directors voted to end operations; citing factors such as the recession, the tanning tax included in the Affordable Care Act and the push in individual states to limit teen access to indoor tanning, ITA felt it necessary to shutter.

Although we see this as a great win for skin cancer prevention in minors, we know that our work continues. Make sure you stay up-to-date on our efforts by subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter and ensuring you’re signed up to receive grassroots action alerts. We’re looking forward to a great fall season and preparing for the upcoming state legislative sessions where we’ll continue to promote SUNucate and add to our ongoing success!

Pictured: Dr. Brodsky with Congressman Schneider.

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