ASDSA member promotes sun-safe clothing with the Chicago Cubs

It isn’t always enough to ensure children apply—and re-apply—sunscreen, which is why ASDSA member Amy L. Brodsky, MD, President of the Pediatric Sun Protection Foundation, continues her effort to “Connect Clothing to Change.” This initiative works to lower the incidence of melanoma and Dr. Brodsky has brought together R5, Mott 50 and the Chicago Cubs (winners of the 2017 World Series!) to co-host Sun Safety Day at Wrigley Field. Carolyn I. Jacob, MD (also an ASDSA member), and Advocate Children’s Hospital will be participating as well. Game day is Saturday, July 22, and tickets are sure to go fast as the Cubs play their rival, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Sun Safety Day is meant to include the entire family. Mott 50 produces sun protective clothing and a free SPF 100 swim shirt will be given to the first 5,000 children to attend. These shirts have been designed for the occasion, featuring the Chicago Cubs World Champions logo. Talking about her participation in this event, Dr. Brodsky believes that the adopters of sun protective clothing will certainly increase, while decreasing the risk of skin cancer—just by reaching out to fans of the Cubs.

ASDSA is excited that the Pediatric Sun Protection Foundation is a SUNucate coalition partner, and promotes sun-safe clothing along with the use of sunscreen in schools. Working together, ASDSA and the Pediatric Sun Protection Foundation hope to bring SUNucate legislation to Illinois during the next legislative session.


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