SUNucate garners national media attention

With seven states passing SUNucate legislation this year, national media outlets have noticed this trend and publicized our legislative efforts. USA Today ran a story on July 11, highlighting not only the need for schools to allow children to apply sunscreen without a doctor’s note, but also the fact that legislators were unaware this was an issue—as was the case when State Rep. Craig Hall introduced SUNucate in Utah.

Also mentioned in an article from the Pew Charitable Trusts, legislators are motivated by parents who have had children suffer serious sunburns at school events, such as field trips or recess, where sunscreen was banned. The realization that teachers were allowed to wear sunscreen, but not students, prompted state legislators to take action.

Both articles mention the impressive movement SUNucate has started—four state laws were passed in only three months—and more are expected to follow. ASDSA, along with its 37 coalition partners, will continue to push the sun-safety message to legislators and alert them to the importance of skin cancer prevention.

Is your state SUNucated? Contact us to find out how to continue this momentum!

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