SUNucate – Introduction

Smiling Cronin at mike
Terrence Cronin, Jr, MD

Welcome to the SUNucate blog! My name is Terrence Cronin, Jr, MD, and I’m the Chair of the State Affairs Work Group for the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Association (ASDSA). I have a dermatologic surgery practice in Florida and I specialize in the detection and treatment of skin cancer. ASDSA has over 6,100 dermatologic surgeons as its members nationwide.

For those new to this issue, ASDSA launched its SUNucate initiative last year in conjunction with the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention’s Don’t Fry Day. Today marks the 2017 Don’t Fry Day, and we are continuing with our effort to remove barriers that prohibit children from utilizing sunscreen and other sun-protective measures at schools and day camps.

Currently, the FDA regulates sunscreen products as over-the-counter drugs and school districts across the country have policies that ban students from bringing over-the-counter drugs without a note from a physician. With CDC reports stating that only 11% of students report regular use of sunscreen, we, as a society, must work diligently to create environments that foster sun-safe behavior.

So far, our efforts have not gone unnoticed. We’ve worked to build a coalition of over 35 national and state medical associations, patient-focused organizations and industry partners dedicated to ensuring our kids are adequately protected from the sun. Together, this coalition has worked to successfully pass variations of SUNucate legislation in Alabama, Arizona, Utah and Washington, in addition to California, New York, Oregon and Texas that already have existing SUNucate laws. Legislation is pending in Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Be sure to check back regularly to get updates on the SUNucate initiative; you can subscribe by clicking follow on the bottom of the page. We’ll use this blog to provide commentary and news related to SUNucate legislative efforts as well as other issues pertaining to protecting our kids from the risks of skin cancer. If you or your organization would like more information on how to be a part of this effort, please contact The next post will feature tips on how to get your state ‘SUNucated.’  Stay passionate about skin cancer prevention!

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